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A Force Multiplier For Affordable Housing Providers

With modular home construction technology, Phoenix helps affordable housing providers build more efficiently. From developing raw land and subdivisions to multi-family urban infill, Phoenix's experience and tailored services will allow your organization to tackle any size building project. ​

Affordable Housing Services

Pre-Construction Managment

Our team is to ready to manage all elements of the pre-construction process including:

  • Planning & Zoning

  • Survey & Engineering

  • Site infrastructure 

  • Environmental, Phase I, EIS, DEP 

  • Soil testing / hydrologic testing

  • Traffic engineering

  • Preliminary MEP investigation

Versatile Structuring


Our experienced team can handle every element of the project from start to finish. In addition to our complete pre-consturtion management we handle:

Budgeting & Board Presentations

  • Pro forma budgeting including line- item expenses for Affordable Housing developer specific features

  • Upgrade tracking to help comply with grant requirements, state/local standards, individual developer selections and facilitate approvals

  • Produce and deliver board/ construction committee presentations

Flexible Delivery Formats

Modules can be delivered with various levels of finish to accommodate any level of donor and/or volunteer input as well as direct coordination with any affiliates.

Affordable Housing Floor Plans

  • Value engineered, standardized floor plans for all location types (rural, suburban, urban), ready for expedited production

  • All floor plans can be tailored to comply with any specific grant, state or local requirements

  • Deep experience working with NJ DCA grant projects

In-house Design


  • Able to meet all needs & standards with quality & aesthetics indistinguishable or better than conventionally built housing

  • Extensive experience with various requirements including ADA, fire suppression systems, Energy Star and NJ DEP

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