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What is modular construction?

Pieces or whole units (modules) of a construction project are produced off-site in a controlled factory environment. These modules are later shipped to the property site and assembled by a team of experts.

As the modules are being built off-site, site construction (i.e., excavation, foundation, etc.) Is taking place simultaneously.

Are modular homes built better than homes built using traditional stick-build methods?

Yes. Building and storing material inside a climate controlled environment produces a better quality product and eliminates weather-related defects. Modular homes are built to withstand the stress of transportation.

Think about it. Would you be able to pick up your current home and transport it on a truck to another state without it falling apart? Probably not.

What can fit on my lot? Can I use my old survey?

Once you identify a piece of land, we’ll do a full lot analysis to determine what can be built on that lot based on the setbacks. An updated survey is required to determine this.

How do the responsibilities of the authorized builder and manufacturer differ?

The Authorized Builder’s role is to design, transport, assemble the modules on the site, and to coordinate the sub contractor’s finish of the remaining on-site construction work. 

The Manufacturer is responsible for building the modules in accordance with the customized plans submitted in an off-site plant.

Can I customize a standard floor-plan or exterior of my home?

To maximize the value of modular construction, we recommend working with existing floor plans. During the design meeting you will be able to entirely personalize your home. That said, Phoenix does have an in-house designer ready to help with floor plan modifications. 

What is the difference between drop-ship and turn-key service?

Drop-Ship delivery includes all costs associated with the design, manufacture, delivery, and set of the modular units onto an existing foundation. This excludes all on-site construction costs. Drop-ship deliveries are beneficial for experienced builders and buyers with the resources available to them to manage the project themselves.

Turn-Key delivery includes all costs necessary to receive your certificate of occupancy. This includes design, manufacture, delivery, and set, as well as pre/post-delivery site work. Pre-delivery site work includes excavation and foundation services. Post-delivery site work includes mechanical connections between the modular units, utility connections from the home to the sources of power, and all necessary inspections to receive a certificate of occupancy. Turn-key deliveries are beneficial to first-time home buyers and builders.

Can you provide me with a price per square foot?

Can a modular home have a basement?

Yes. Phoenix is proud to partner with Superior Walls, who is the leader in precast foundations. Superior Walls' precast insulated concrete wall panels are installed to form a strong, energy efficient foundation for easy to finish new home construction and green building. Learn more here:

All projects are individually priced. While we are able to communicate prices for individual models at either the total contract amount or in terms of price per square foot, for budgeting purposes it is difficult to provide a price per square foot quote that holds true across multiple models.

For example: if we examine two individual models that are both 2,000sf, but “Model A” requires 2 modular units to construct, while “Model B” requires 3, “Model B” will cost more than “Model A” despite being the same size, because “Model B” requires an additional modular unit to construct.

If you are interested in receiving quotes in terms of the price per square foot, please have a specific model in mind you would like priced, as this price can fluctuate between models.


What is the quality of finishes included?

All of Phoenix’s modular homes are delivered to the job site approximately 75-80% complete, fully equipped with our standard features. Our standard features are already upgraded compared to other builder standards. These standard features include flooring, molding, cabinetry, countertops, tiles, lighting, stainless steel whirlpool appliances, etc. With hundreds of upgrade options available, Phoenix has quality finishes to meet all budgets.

You can tour our Design Center to see available options. Please contact Sales to make an appointment for the Design Center.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Total project timelines are approximately 6-9 months.

From the time we have a final set of plans ready to place an order for, we anticipate a delivery of the home within 3 months. During this time, our excavation & foundation team will prepare the lot for delivery. Set of the modular home using a crane team takes place within a day. We conservatively estimate 3-4 months for on-site finish work, utility connections, inspections, and permits to receive your certificate of occupancy.

Can I finance my modular home with a traditional mortgage?

Absolutely. Lenders actually prefer it as the project is approximately 80% complete when set. Speak with one of our representatives if you would like a referral for a qualified modular lender.

Do you have financing options?

We have a preferred lender at Citizens Bank who provides traditional mortgages and construction loans for modular building. Citizens Bank has a program that bundles the construction and mortgage loans into one package deal.

I’m an experienced developer, can I finish the boxes on-site with my own team?

Yes. Experienced developers and general contractors can take advantage of this service to expedite the construction timeline and reduce costs by utilizing your own construction team to complete the project. Phoenix will design, build, transport, and assemble the module units on your property. Once assembled, your team will be responsible for finishing the remaining site work. This is an excellent way to mitigate weather related risk by building 80% of the project in a controlled environment, saving you time and money.

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