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"Turn-Key" Modular Construction Explained

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

When searching for a modular builder, one will find the term "Turn-key" construction used again and again. The problem with this term is that every builder uses their own definition.

Even the spelling is up for debate: Turnkey, Turn Key, Turn-key. Such ambiguity not only confuses but can also be very costly.

In theory, turn-key means a builder does EVERYTHING. At the end of the process, the keys are handed over and the homeowner can simply move-in to a new home.

But what does "everything" even mean? Does that include survey work, engineering, and septic? Does it include landscaping, a driveway, walkways, and exterior lighting?

So often, prospective homebuyers can find a builder advertising "Turn-key Construction only $55 per square foot!" It is simply impossible to build a new home in New Jersey for such a low price.

And if someone actually builds something at that price, the home buyer should be nervous about buying such a poor quality structure.

In building, the details truly matter. At Phoenix, we make sure that our customer proposals are transparent. Everything we include, and more importantly, anything EXCLUDED, in our pricing is clearly outlined.

The fact is, that every customer needs a different level of service. A homebuyer might own land, have a survey, and engineering complete, and is friends with a great landscaper. Another customer might just want to be handed a set of keys.

With every project we build, we make sure that our definition of turn-key matches the customer's.


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