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Build Through the Winter with Modular Construction

Throughout the Northeast, conventional home construction usually stops from January to March. This is due to three reasons: (1) winter weather impact on exposed building materials, (2) seasonal labor shortages of carpenters/framers, and (3) half of New Jersey's construction industry is vacationing in Florida! With modular construction however, you can avoid these problems and build all year round.

Building Indoors

Bad idea...

Up to 80% of any modular project is completed in the factory. This means that the building materials we use are never exposed to damaging weather elements like rain and snow. This results in a stronger finished build and also significantly reduces the future risk of developing mold inside the structure. Once the modules are ready for delivery, they are tightly wrapped in a weather resistant cover and arrive on the job site completely protected.

Full-Time Team

Much better

Unlike conventional builders, modular factories have a team of full-time carpenters and other craftsmen working all year around. Once the modules are assembled onsite, our team is then able to complete the remaining 20% of the work almost entirely inside the modules. This largely eliminates the frequent weather delays found with conventional, stick-built construction and helps ensure the project in completed on time.

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