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Modular Construction for Investment Properties in New Jersey

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Modular is the most efficient way to build multi-family projects. Phoenix works with local NJ developers and investors to build duplexes, townhomes - really any scale multi-family project.

The key advantage with modular is speed. Getting any investment project built faster helps you save money on construction financing and helps you make money with faster lease-up or sale. In additional to an accelerated project timeline modular multi-family construction


Expedited Design & Submittals

Unlike many other modular builders, Phoenix has its own in-house designer. This eliminates the need to retain an outside architect, saving you time and money. Once received by the factory, building plans are shared with the on-site third-party agency to ensure compliance with international builders’ code (“IBC”), the same code used for site-built construction. This quality control process allows us to submit the plans to the township faster and reduces the amount of on-site inspections.

Fewer Change Orders

Site-built construction timelines are notoriously long due to on-site modifications resulting in

unexpected and costly change orders at the end of the project. In contrast, the cost of modular construction can be managed and controlled due to the inability to change the design during the production period. Additionally, the repetitious nature of a production line coupled with known material costs for pre-designed floor plans allow for guaranteed pricing at the time of contract signing.

Enhanced Sustainability

Modular construction can reduce construction waste by up to 80%. Building and storing materials in a controlled factory environment eliminates the risk of weather-related material damage. Additionally, the use of modular automation technology ensures precision and allows the manufacturer to recycle materials to use for other projects in the production line.

Phoenix has just released a new floor plan collection specifically designed for developers

and investment builders. If you're considering an investment building project please be sure to connect with us as early in the process as possible.

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