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What does a modular home in New Jersey cost?

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Unfortunately, it depends. We know this is not the answer you're looking for but we can explain. Here are the reasons why any trustworthy builder needs to know more about your project before offering an estimate and why you should always be suspicious of any builders offering a quick price over the phone or on a website.

The critical question to ask when comparing prices: WHAT IS INCLUDED?

While modular construction is far more efficient than conventional building, there are still many steps involved between you buying a piece of property and moving in to your new home. At Phoenix we handle every step of the process, providing a total turn-key price that eliminates surprises.

So if you hear another modular builder say "Oh, I can get you a home for $55 per square foot," the first question to follow up with is WHAT IS INCLUDED? The answer, not much.

At $55 per square foot here are just some of the important items that we can guarantee are NOT INCLUDED:

  • Engineering, survey, environmental studies

  • Soil Conservation

  • Site preparation, tree removal

  • Demolition & Excavation

  • Allowance for excavation issues (rock, contaminate dirt, etc.)

  • Architecht fees for any deck plans

  • Zoning & Building permits

  • Septic design & installation (if necessary)

  • Well installation and testing (if necessary)

  • Lot grading, water retention plan and installation

  • Landscaping, curbing, driveway

  • Basement

  • Soil removal to accommodate a basement (oddly expensive!)

  • Street openings for utility connections

  • DEP Permits and Environmental consultants if necessary

Together, these steps cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most modular builders don't tell you about them. Once we assess your project, we can give you the price that gets you everything you need to move into your new home. This is also why we suggest a minimum construction budget of $350,000 to build a single-family home in New Jersey. In our 25 years of experience we know what it takes to get the job done and want to be sure our customers understand the entire process.

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